Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Now what? Find an accountability partner

Posting to a blog regularly has proven more difficult than I originally anticipated; however, despite my recent absence I am back and ready to continue.

Once you’ve made your promise to God to remain celibate until marriage and obtained a symbol of your promise (like the ring I told you about on March 28th), write your promise down and have someone witness it.

“People need to always find somebody with whom they can be accountable because we don’t mind letting ourselves down, but we don’t want to … let somebody else down who’s depending on you, who’s praying for you, who’s believing that you can do this,” Bishop Dale C. Bronner said. “That gives us extra power. One put a thousand to flight, but two 10,000. Just having one other person in agreement to what you’re doing, that you make yourself accountable to, makes you not two times as strong, but 10 times as strong. Your strength becomes exponential.”

Bishop also advised that finding a friend who has the same covenant can offer strength to the both of you. “That can become therapeutic and help you vent your frustrations. That becomes your support group. That says you’re not the only person doing this and you can draw strength.
“If people would be bold enough to get serious, to count the cost and then make a covenant God will come in and become a part of that thing. We laid the sacrifice on the altar and He lets the fire of heaven fall and consume that sacrifice. A lot of singles miss it because they never commit to anything – they don’t want to be committed. … You’re only committed to what you confess.”

Who are you going to ask to be your accountability partner? Make sure you choose someone who has the same beliefs and convictions as you do as well as someone who is going to be encouraging and in prayer for you.

My final thought for today: “Let nothing get in your way. Failure is never an option.” - Donald Trump


Anonymous said...

Finally...someone to bring it home and keep it real in the process! Pastor Benjamin Smith once said, "If you want to be delivered from something, expose it!" Accountability. It is of quintessential importance.

Petula Wright said...

I love that quote! Like we were just talking about... thank you so much!