Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Putting Your Covenant in Writing

Putting your covenant in writing can be … uh, well… fun – for lack of a better word. For someone like me who likes to be a little creative, putting the covenant in writing is fun. First, type your covenant. There’s no tried and true way that it has to be worded, but here is a general example for you to follow:

I, insert your name here, have committed to a celibate lifestyle until I am united in holy matrimony with the spouse that God has intended for me. I make this covenant before God who is partnering with me and supporting me in my decision to remain celibate until marriage. I commit to fleeing fornication (Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body; but he that commits fornication sins against his own body – I Corinthians 6:18). By signing below I indicate my official and solemn promise to God, and myself, to remain celibate until marriage.

Right before the lines where the signatures are going to go you can put Amos 3:3: “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Don’t forget to date it.

Don’t forget to give your certificate a title -- somethin g like: My Celibacy Covenant, My Promise to God to Remain Celibate ‘til Marriage or whatever title you think fits the best.

Second, choose a nice piece of colored paper to print your covenant on. You want something that is appealing to the eye and suitable for hanging. If you didn’t put a border around your text in the Word document (or whatever program you used) then you can choose paper that has a border or design on it.

Third, have your accountability partner sign the document with you. Don’t forget to choose an accountability partner who is like-minded. Someone you trust and who will earnestly pray for you. Do not, do not, do not choose a person of the opposite sex who you are attracted to.

I shouldn’t have to go into detail about this, but this is one of the things that cause well-intentioned singles to fall. Choosing an accountability partner (prayer partner, hanging out buddy… whatever you want to call them) who is someone you’re interested in or attracted to is asking for trouble. It’s best that the person be a good friend of the same sex and it’s even better if it is someone who you consider a mentor or elder in your life.

Fourth, purchase a frame and hang your covenant where you can see it everyday on a regular basis. It should serve as a reminder – just like your covenant ring. A word about your ring: A lot of people will have purchased their ring by the time they put their covenant in writing, but if you haven’t found the right ring for you don’t rush it. I know a couple of people who took a few months searching for their ring. Someone even told me God had given them a vision of what their ring looked like.

As you’re doing all of this be sure to stay prayerful. Keep your mind on God and He will continually lead you.

I’m proud of you for making it this far. God is proud of you as well… and that’s what matters most.

"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes... but no plans." Peter Drucker


Josh said...

I'm a 39 year old male with a lady friend some 20 plus years my senior who has agreed to be my accountability partner; we are currently drawing up the details of my covenant, which is causing some lively debate!
I think that having a partner of the opposite sex can bring a certain interest and dynamic to a covenant, after all he/she will understand what it means to be the object of those physical desires which must be overcome to reach the goal of emulating the celibacy of our saviour.

Petula Wright said...

Josh, thanks for sharing and congratulations on putting your covenant in writing. I would caution others, however, against having an accountability partner whom they are attracted to. (I believe I touch on this in another post.)

I remember you, Josh, telling me the specific circumstances surrounding your accountability partner so this probably doesn't apply to you. But, for everyone else, you are playing with fire -- so to speak -- if you choose a partner who you are attracted to.

Keep in mind that your accountability partner should be 1) someone you trust 2) someone who holds the same belief 3) someone who will pray for you and encourage you 4) and, of course, someone who will hold you accountable.