Thursday, September 04, 2014

Married folks chime in

A comment made on the last post prompted this brief entry. Here's the jist of it: 'It's a belief I have as a married person, but honestly have not been tested in.'

When I first began writing about being single and celibate I actually was, and I wrote with a personal passion about a subject I felt needed to be on the table way more frequently than it was. When I married in 2002 I continued to write on this subject for about another five years because I didn't want to abandon what, I believe, was my message from God through me to you.

I'm not married any longer - I'll talk about that some more at a later date and how that effects my life now - but the comment I mentioned got me to thinking what some other married folk have to say on the subject. Okay, singles in the midst of the test, don't sigh and roll your eyes... this dialogue will hopefully spark some more conversation.

Married folks, what I really want from you is honest discussion about what is was like not being married and how you conducted yourself. And, what are your thoughts, now that you're married and how will you encourage single Christians without saying, "Just wait, God has your mate." Or my personal favorite, "He's waiting on you."

Click on the link above "married" to read one of the posts I wrote as a married woman then click write over to leave your own comments. As always, keep in mind that each person is entitled to their opinion and that opinion will be respected in this forum. No personal attacks, hurtful language or badgering. It is not my policy to delete comments so please don't give me a reason to.

Stay tuned for future posts about my single and celibate life after marriage; you'll probably be surprised.