Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Drawing a blank… hmmm?

I sat down at my computer today with the intention of writing something enlightening, encouraging and inspiring… unfortunately, nothing came to mind. Ha! I can only laugh because that’s often the plight of a writer.

I’ve been a writer for 11 years and I’ve stared at a many blank screens. I remember sitting in the newsroom at my first reporting job and staring at the screen hoping and praying to get a little inspiration. I’ve sat in my home office, at the computer lab at college, in my office as an associate editor for a magazine and stared at screens. Eventually something comes to mind, but I can’t say that’s going to happen today.

As you sit and read wondering if I’m going to come to my point or if any of it will have anything to doing with being single and celibate; I’m sitting here wondering what my point will be and if it will have to do with being single and celibate! I’ve come to discover in my almost 38 years of living that there’s often a correlation between one thing and another.

How can we relate writer’s block with being single and celibate? Ah ha, I’ve got the point! As a writer I sit down with a purpose, a subject or a thought and attempt to bring it to formation, a close, a completeness. As someone who’s single and celibate you also have to realize that there will be a close and completeness… an end to your journey. Fortunately, the “end” to your journey can serve as your beginning to a new life – hopefully marriage. But let’s look at your journey and realize that some good comes from the process.

Not only are you pleasing God during your journey – during your process, but you’re accomplishing something that should be pleasing and satisfying to you. God is well pleased in your decision to remain celibate until marriage. He’s encouraging you, cheering for you and loving you as you walk this path.

Like many articles, stories and pieces that I’ve written as I bring this one to a close, I am satisfied with the journey and the outcome. I pray that this has been at least entertaining and at most inspiring. Most of all I am satisfied that not only have I enjoyed the journey, but I believe God is pleased with the result.

I pray that you enjoy your journey and I know God is pleased with you.

Have a blessed day!

“I have an irrepressible desire to live till I can be assured that the world is a little better for my having lived in it." – Abraham Lincoln

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