Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just doing my thing

Or should I say: “Isn’t God amazing?” Sometimes I walk into a room and I hear my husband talking to someone on the phone and my name will pop up. I always wonder, “Oh no! What is he telling someone now?” Come to find out, nine times out of 10 he’s talking about this blog.

Well, that gives me mixed feelings. Not in a negative way -- just in a weird, writer, creative person sort of way. I start off thinking, “Golly, I haven’t even updated it lately” and eventually work my way around to “Hopefully the person will go to the blog and be blessed.” It’s funny though because I just think of myself as minding my own business and doing my thing.

When I say I’m “just doing my thing” – I mean that I’m just doing what God lays on my heart to do. I don’t try to be anyone special or great or think that I know it all. I just feel like I’ve had some experiences and that God tells me some things that will bless other people like it’s blessing me.

Know what I mean?

So, what I’m encouraging you to do today is “just do your thing.” You don’t have to be all fancy or big time; just allow God to use you in your gift or allow Him to use you to be a blessing to someone else.

For instance, and I hope my daughter doesn’t mind me talking about her (she should be used to it by now :-]), my daughter was riding in the back of our minivan reading her bible. When I was getting out she said, “Guess what I just read?” Of course I said, “What?”

She said to sum it up, ‘You don’t have to be whole to heal someone.’

“Cool.” I said. (If you’re interested, I’ll ask her what scripture that was. I could pretend like I know, but remember I just said, “I’m just doing my thing.”)

The reason why that came up is because my daughter, who’s 15, has a very strong discernment especially when it comes to young people at her school. God will lay someone on her heart even if she doesn’t know them well and it will plague her until she does something about it.

Normally she’ll talk to me and I’ll say, “Ask them.” “Tell them.” “Talk to them.” Whatever seems appropriate. And when she does she’ll find out that what she had to say or share with them was right on time. Her dilemma was that she felt like she didn’t have it all together so how could she tell someone else or share with someone else or be there for someone else. But that’s what’s happens because she’s just doing her thing.

See what I mean?

Just do your thing and allow God to use you. Pray, read your bible and live a life that is as Christ-like as possible.

So as I’m sitting here writing some magazine articles, checking my email and trying to keep up with the life of a writer who happens to be a woman, mom and wife; I continue to just do my thing and hope that I can be a blessing to someone else in the process.

That seems appropriate – especially at this time of year that is supposed to remind us of the gift that God gave us in His son Jesus Christ. Enjoy your holiday season, do your thing and when you get a moment tell me all about it: Drop me a note.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Men are slower to recognize blessings than misfortunes. -- Titus Livius, Roman author & historian

Ut oh, don’t trip men, you know “men” equals “mankind.”

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