Thursday, March 16, 2006

Take the first step

It was during 2000 that Michael McNeely revealed he initially had some trepidation about making the single's covenant. “When I first thought about making a covenant, there was a certain fear,” he said. “It was more than just telling myself that I won’t have sex. Making a covenant is more serious. It’s a binding thing – it’s finality.” Michael, who at the time was the single’s ministry leader at Word Of Faith Family Worship Cathedral.

“When you make the covenant God will come in and become a partner to that thing,” Bishop Bronner said (you remember him. He’s the pastor at WOF Cathedral). “That means that we take that thing seriously at that point. Most people don’t trust themselves well enough to make the covenant because they’re like, ‘Lord, I don’t want to play with you and I’m scared that if I make this covenant that I will not be able to keep it.’”

Michael said that once he’d made his covenant, celibacy became easier to maintain. God gave him a supernatural strength to abstain until marriage, he said.

Making a covenant with God is just the first step. “Without us taking our first step, He can’t take His two steps. Singles must walk by faith (that’s an action) and God will help to fulfill that covenant,” Michael said.

Update: Michael is now happily married to Jennifer.
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Miss Miller said...

Cousin Petula :) ,

My Mom showed me your blog and I am so delighted to be able to read it especially during this time in my life. As someone who has approached situations her own way and has now committed to the covenant of celibacy, I can truly appreciate words of wisdom pertaining to this subject. I am making a Vow of Purity to God and through a class offered at my church (New Birth South Metropolitan Church, Senior Pastor, Andre` Landers) and will be sure to share this blog with my classmates. It makes the covenant a light load to carry when there are people like you to discuss its importance as well as the reasons for it being commanded by God. As one who successfully carried out her vow to remain celibate until entering into marriage, you are a testament to the fact that it can be done; furthermore, loving, healthier relationships result from waiting on God because His time is eternal and not linear (as we so often mistakenly think). Thank you for speaking to my heart and my spirit through your words. ~Your Spelmanite Cousin:)

Petula Wright said...

Miss Miller :-), Thank you so much for your response and encouraging words. I am thrilled to hear about your commitment. If you ever need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Thank you for sharing the information with your class. Continue to "stand" ... you will be blessed.