Thursday, March 09, 2006

Make a covenant or promise to God

You know the story: You’re single and you’ve been praying for a spouse “forever,” but it’s not the right time. Despite your frustrations – physical and otherwise – you are determined to do what’s right. Or perhaps you haven’t been praying for a spouse and don’t desire to get married, but want to live a right or godly lifestyle.

The best news about this is: God is your biggest supporter of your determination to do the right thing according to the law He has set in His word: “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” Exodus 20:14. Adultery is any sex outside the bond of holy matrimony.

Bishop Dale C. Bronner, pastor of Word Of Faith Family Worship Cathedral in Austell, Georgia, said, “Anyone outside the union of matrimony is required to deal with a life of celibacy.” Singles – divorced, widowed and never married – are required to abstain from sexual intercourse. And a good way to do this is to make a covenant, or promise, to God.

“One of the reasons that a lot of single people are never kept is because they are afraid to make a covenant with God,” Bishop Bronner said. “They’re afraid that if they make a covenant that they won’t be able to keep it so they don’t make it. And the trick of that is this: We are only committed to what we confess. So if we don’t confess and make a covenant in that area that becomes one of the most powerful things in terms of helping us to actually walk in celibacy.”

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